“My nickname for Dimitri is ‘the most helpful guy in Toronto’. He is one of those rare people who, once you work with them, quickly become indispensable.
Dimitri provides art documentation for publications as well as archival prints of my paintings, which present quite a challenge for the photographer: the paintings are built of many transparent layers of various pigments so that colour is achieved through optical mixing, near-black areas contain many nuances and the surface shows a combination of matte and gloss areas. Some of these need to be not simply ‘neutralized’, but ‘translated’ into the digital and print form, which requires not only a lot of creative problem solving but also an intuitive understanding of the artwork and the artist’s preferences. Every time Dimitri has achieved terrific results, and collaborating with him was easy, interesting and informative.
I think that this combination of a remarkable technical skill, creativity and an ability to relate to art (and artists) makes him unique in his line of work. Also he surprises me again and again with his kindness, level of involvement in the project, generosity with his time and readiness to share his considerable knowledge of this industry – and the price somehow always ends up lower than I expected. The best co-conspirator one could wish for!” – Maya Kulenovic

“I have been exhibiting for over 20 years and have worked with some amazing people. Dimitri at Imagefoundry is one of them. His rigorous process and exacting standards is why he is the only person I trust to handle the documentation of my paintings, both here and in the United States. He never lets me down and always impresses me with his accessibility and professionalism” – William Fisk

“I have worked with Dimitri on a number of photographic projects, and feel absolutely comfortable to say that he is the best printer, who have printed my photographs. He is a highly experienced and skilled professional, always striving for perfection. What makes his work remarkable is an amazing attention to details no matter how small. He always provides an exceptional quality and timely delivery. I never hesitate to ask for Dimitri’s advice to achieve the best quality of my work. He truly cares about the work he does and people he works with.” – Marina Black

“In my role as Cahén Archives Scholar in Residence I have worked with Dimitri Levanoff more than once. He has photographed events and artwork for us, and scanned and digitally restored artworks as well. I consider his skill at art photography to be second to none. As an artist, I have also seen him pioneer digital printing on fine Japanese papers not made for that purpose, and he got superior results. Dimitri always maintained a professional communication and standard. I recommend him to anyone with art reproduction needs.” – Jaleen Grove

“I have enjoyed working with Dimitri Levanoff on a wide range of large scale art projects since 2002. Each work was expertly completed in a timely manner. His colour correction or colour matching is impeccable and his printing is rich and accurate. Dimitri is very responsive to the aesthetic of each project, therefore it is very comfortable to rely on his assistance in choosing the appropriate paper for printing. This aesthetic interest is particularly valuable when my work ventures into unusual applications or mixed media; so, problem solving is very collaborative. Dimitri printed all the digital work in my retrospective at the AGO, and worked directly with the AGO installation designers. This relieved me from a tremendous amount of detail pressure. Working with Dimitri is like working with a real partner. ” – Suzy Lake

“It has been my pleasure to come to know and work with Dimitri over the course of the past 13 years. He has been instrumental in assisting me both with the production of my Photographic Artworks as well as the comprehensive documentation of my Artworks. He has also assisted with the design and development of a comprehensive exhibition retrospective catalog. Throughout my experience with Dimitri, he has always coupled his considerable expertise with efficiency and a keen and conscientious interest and concern for the projects he has worked on. Dimitri is a great asset and support to the creative community he lives and works in and I do not hesitate in recommending him to one and all. Thanks Dimitri!!” – Evan Penny

“Working with Dimitri always starts with an interesting conversation and ends with the best possible print.” – Geoffrey James

“Dimitri Levanoff’s digital-imaging skills are incomparable. Dimitri is a true professional who clearly understands the context and practice of art and is able to dialogue with clients on that basis. He worked on each of my pictures attentively, applying his exacting standards to everything and presenting a beautiful finished product. His patient and affable manner made it a pleasure to work with him. He is simply an outstanding printer, the best I’ve ever worked with.” – John Massey

“Dimitri has helped me prepare my photographs for exhibition for the past eight years, and it is his unique combination of technical skill and artistic sensibility that sets him apart. While his technical abilities are superb and he is fast and accurate with his work, he also understands line, form, and colour, and his adjustments are nuanced and in tune with my personal preferences. I have come to trust his judgment completely.” – Susan Dobson

“I have a long history of producing digital image work for international exhibitions and acquisition by major public institutions. In my experience working with individuals and companies across North America, I have never worked with a digital imaging expert as fine as Dimitri Levanoff. He produces superlative results, is conscientious beyond all expectation, works to deadline, and adds tremendous value to the entire creative process. I trust him completely with any and all of my digital imaging needs.” – Frank Rodick

“Dimitri is extremely well versed in the technologies he worked with and that gives him the freedom to consistently design creative solutions that work well, look great and motivate strongly. In other words, Dimitri is an extremely smart and talent creative person.” – Jim Murray

“Dimitri has exceeded my expectations with each job he has done. His superb technical skills are matched with an aesthetic sensibility attuned to the perception of colour and a nuanced appreciation of the individual requirements of each piece of art he scans.” – Michael Ricks

“Dimitri is an artist. His creativity, attention to detail and enthusiastic momentum have provided me with superb results every time he has crafted a print for me. Add to that his vast knowledge of all facets of printing – whether it be in terms of display considerations, data related, print media or any of the many other aspects of printing, Dimitri always seems to amaze. He truly is a multi-talented craftsman, and his good nature makes him a pleasure to work with.” – Jason George

“I first worked with Dimitri back in 2002. We worked together to produce an edition of fine art prints for an exhibition I was having. I subsequently had him produce an entire show for me in 2003. I found him a total pro to work with. I have recommended him to other colleagues who would mirror my sentiments. He is one of two master printers I would trust with my work in this city.” – Jim Panou

“Though our collaborations have been at various times over the years, when I have needed a keen sense of creative input in regards to graphic imagery and imaging, I have called on Dimitri to meet the challenge of the projects I have proposed to him, and without fail he has always delivered the results with skill and commitment, – working outside of the box and beyond the predictable.” – Thom Sokoloski